psychotherapy & consultation services
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psychotherapy SERVICES (ADULT) Mental Health Assessment Psycho-education & Mindfulness Life Coaching & Counselling Addiction Therapy & Counselling Health Psychology & Counselling
psychotherapy SERVICES (COUPLE / FAMILY) Divorce / Grieve Therapy Counselling Sex Therapy & Counselling
psychotherapy SERVICES (CHILDREN) Early Intervention Programme Psycho-education & Mindfulness
CONSULTATION SERVICES (BUSINESS) Employee Assistance Programme Product Ambassador / Kol / Influencer Private VVIP Consultation Seminars / Webinars / Public Talks / Corporate Events / School Functions
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MeMORI CERDiQ boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals specializing in child psychotherapy. The therapists hold relevant degrees and professional certification in psychology, counselling, or social work and have obtained specialized training in child and adolescent therapy techniques.
MeMORI CERDiQ is driven by a mission to prioritize children's mental health and create a safe and nurturing environment for their emotional growth. The center believes in a holistic approach that integrates outcome-based education with evidence-based therapy, compassionate care, and collaboration with families and other professionals involved in a child's life. MeMORI CERDiQ is dedicated to supporting children in reaching their full potential and leading emotionally healthy lives.
MeMORI CERDiQ counsellors are highly-skilled, experienced and high qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling. We provided the professional services as below: