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MeMORI CERDiQ Enrichment Centre has a proven track record of positively impacting students' growth and development. The centre's programs have contributed to students' academic achievements, personal growth, and success in various areas, which is a testament proven by the testimonials from parents and students.
MS JEWEL “Educators are so kind and friendly. I’m so grateful that it helped so much. Thanks Dr. You are so kind and down to earth”
MS SHARON “The teacher at MeMORI CERDiQ is very helpful and dedicated into guiding my child. A teacher’s patience and understanding is very important. ”
EMILY LAW “Able to solve mathematical problems that were difficult before and remember formulations easily with the tips from MeMORI CERDiQ”
KEVIN LJH “The best education centre you can ever find. Equipped with qualified teachers and up to date curriculum”
RDN JAMIE “My child’s enthusiasm in learning is growing thanks to Dr.Cheah’s educational approach because he makes it so interesting. A fair pricing for an extreme focus group that offers the best value premium service”
SUJITHRA SUJI “Dr Cheah is a kind and helpful individual that is genuinely passionate in helping my child to improve so much. Am so blessed to have met such a down to earth person with a golden heart”