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A child's education at an enrichment centre gives them the chance to acquire skills in subjects that are normally not addressed in a regular school curriculum. Children might also discover their hobbies and develop abilities they had no idea they possessed. There are many enrichment centres in the nation, so here are five suggestions for parents seeking the best one for their child:
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Certified Psychotherapist & Professional Counsellors
Our dedicated Psychotherapists and Counsellors at MeMORI CERDiQ are here for you. We are equipped with advanced education of psychotherapy and counselling, as well as extensive worldwide experience and exposure with various multinational clientele. Here, we provide a secure, patient, accepting, and accepting environment where you can feel supported and understood. We will support you in communicating your worries, comprehending your needs, and creating ways to gradually incorporate changes into your daily life.
Passionate Certified ECE Educators
Our top instructors are friendly, approachable, eager, and caring. At MeMORI CERDiQ, we strive to be approachable to everyone, not just the students. We are the kind of devoted and upbeat educators who kids feel comfortable approaching with any issues or worries—or even to share a humorous tale. In order to give families peace of mind and the assurance that their children are in the finest possible hands, we make sure that educators have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in a setting that is internationally approved.
We have a skilled group of licensed board of Malaysian counsellors & Clinical Psychologists who are passionate about helping our clients achieve healthier mental well-being.